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I went Bhaktapur


Met this old man. 

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Manish Suwal: Using GitHub to Organize Projects

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This Blog Has Been Transferred To

Enwil with Niall Doherty from Disrupting the Rabblement

Hey everybody!

I’ve transferred this blog to
I have stopped writing here. You can check out more interesting posts at
Many things has happened after that. There are many interesting posts you will surely be interested in.You can head over to and then subscribe for more.

And Oh!!! I’ve been working on web designs lately so if you want to transfer your site to your own domain or want to create a new self hosted blog then I’ll work for you in bargain price. You can also check out my service page. I will work for you on bargain price just for some time because I have projects coming my way pretty soon. If you have any questions you can contact me.

See you there.

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How to increase Vocabulary

I’ve been on a mission to increase my vocabulary. To speak the truth there are numerous ways to increase your vocabulary and i haven’t yet researched any one of them. I am just on a mission to increase my vocabulary myself without the help of others. I came up with an idea(rough idea) for it. So I am writing on how can i achieve my goals of increasing vocabulary.

First of all, I will hunt for difficult words in books or anywhere i find and then write it down in a piece of paper. After that I write the meanings of the words. I am planning to write only 10 words per day. So I will have 10 words written in a piece of paper.

This is me writing new vocabulary words to paste it on my bed room wall


After i successfully write 10 words in a piece of paper. I paste it in the wall of my bedroom so that I can see and learn those words at free time. It not only helps us to remember but also makes it easy to read. When I wake up the first thing i will see is the list of 10 unknown words with their meanings. So i can easily learn the meaning of 10 new words in a day. At night before sleeping I make sure that I have learned the meanings of those 10 new words and  then remove it off the wall. After that I am pasting another piece of paper in the wall and repeat the process.
Instead of wasting your time you can consider increasing your vocabulary using this simple trick, which will not even take 5 minutes if you work on it. Your vocabulary will have increased without you knowing.

Pasting the Vocabulary list on my bedroom wall

So, This is what I have started doing. You can share your own way of increasing vocabulary in the comments section below. Your tips and tricks can help other people wanting to increase their vocabulary.
Thank you!

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Parents are not always right

We are in this world because of our parents and we are well aware of the fact that we should respect them. They always think good of us regardless of our behavior and attitude towards them. They give us instructions and advice pretty often and we have a belief that they are always right. They want to see us succeed. But are they always right?

Well, Indoctrination should be the greatest problem when we talk about parenting. Indoctrination by our parents to believe their dogma should not be acceptable because this one thing has been the biggest problem in the world  which is causing violence, hatred and bigotry. Teaching a child to accept a set of beliefs uncritically is not good.  A child should be given a chance to think free and become a critical thinker but parents indoctrinate them. For example a child born on a muslim family grows up becoming a muslim and same goes to other children from other religions. They are never given a chance to doubt about religious beliefs or any other particular belief system about their parents. They were told that anything their parents teach them is correct. So they will never figure out mistakes in their parents belief system.  So a muslim child thinks that his religion is the only true religion in this world and others will go to hell but a child from another religion will have another set of beliefs which will bring conflict between them.
Parents should give their children the chance to access their experience and knowledge, but also realize that their children aren’t them, they aren’t going to live the same way, nor will they want to be told everything, kids need to learn for themselves, even if it may hurt them, physically or emotionally and that will make them free of indoctrination and they become free and critical thinker.

No parent can be right all of the time because they would have to be perfect and there is not one person in this world that can truly claim to be perfect. Parents make mistakes, can have bad judgement at time and don’t always understand how different the world is now from when they grew up but lets face it they also have that much more experience than we do. A lot of what we go through growing up they have been there done that so I do not think its right to completely disregard what they have to say, but that doesn’t mean that every time they will have the right answer. Either way I do believe because of there experience there opinion/advice should be respected.

The world isn’t a perfect place. Now whether they are right most of the time or not is a different story, but, the fact is that parents can be just as stubborn as kids.  When they think they are right, they really think that they are right. And so it boils down to this: the more knowledge we have access to, the more sure we are that we have knowledge that our don’t parents have, and the more we think it is our right to question our parents. So it gives the impression that extra knowledge can rival the experience of our parents.


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Writing for change.

Writing is done to express your feelings in words. Feelings are precious and everything we learn from our feelings are worth sharing with other people because it helps other people to improve themselves by expanding their consciousness. Just like how drops of water contribute to make a sea, our writings will contribute to make a progress in human consciousness. So, write everything you experience or feel because this is not only going to help you but also help the whole human race.

Most people don’t write because they think they are not good enough to write or their grammar is very poor. This should never be an excuse. In fact, I am very poor at grammar and know very little about it but I haven’t given up writing. People will eventually read and learn about the knowledge you share and very few among those people care about your grammar and structure mistakes. What really matters is the message you are trying to send. Maybe there are people who take grammar seriously but it shouldn’t  be a problem as far as you are trying to express your feelings into words.
I’ve written this post to motivate you all to write. Don’t take it otherwise. Have a nice day!

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Death as a Motivation

You’ve heard that money works as a tool for motivation. Managers and CEO’s use money to motivate their employees. Money is said to be the primary motivational tool for people. But I have far more effective tool of motivation other than money and it’s DeathYou could die anywhere at anytime. Right now while reading this blog earthquake may occur and you may die. Who knows?

Since you will die one day even if you don’t want to. Why don’t you live your life to the fullest extent? If not now, then when? There is no big tool other than death. I want to quote Paulo Coelho for this,”One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you always wanted to. Do it now.
If you used to think like i did when i was a child: you were born to die. What is the ultimate purpose of life? So since we don’t know and can never know the ultimate purpose of life the thing that matters is the thing that we do in between our birth and death. Anything that matters is things you do from your first breadth to your last breadth. If not you will die like a normal average human being without doing things you wanted to. Money will be spent eventually but your name will never get erased from history if you do something worthy in this world.
Don’t get depressed with death but rather get motivated from death because you now know anything that matters is things you do before you die.
Live your life to the fullest extent because one day you will die!

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Secret for happiness and enjoyment in life

There are times when we get angry, frustrated and sad. Most of the time it is because of the situation, environment and people we are uncomfortable with. We have started becoming less and less happier day by day.
If you want to stay happy and enjoy your life then I have a good news for you. I’ll elaborate about the 5 simple secrets to stay happy in your life. It is really simple. I want you to remember your 5 fingers because i have 5 points for you to stay happy. The fingers in your hand are Thumb, Grooming, Middle, Ring and Little fingers.

  1.  Opposite values are complimentary to each other. (Thumb Finger)
    Everything has two sides. A coin cannot have only one side. You wouldn’t know what sweet is until you know what is bitter. You feel the presence of love after you know how you feel to be unloved. You know day exists because you have seen night. Whenever something goes wrong in your life think that opposite values are complimentary to each other and the situation will help you bring good things in your life later on. If nothing bad has ever happened to you then you won’t know how it feels to have good things in life. You may already be in one of the best lifestyle others dream of but you don’t know it simply because you don’t know what it feels to not have those things in your life. So always remember that opposite values are complimentary to each other.

    Remember 5 fingers for 5 secrets to stay happy and enjoy your life.


  2.  Accept people and situation as they are and take rational action. (Grooming finger.)
    There are times when you don’t like the people you are with or you don’t like some particular person. That person may be comfortable with you but you may be very uncomfortable with that person and you lose your temper. At times we may get stuck in traffic jam and the situation gets really frustrating.
    Nothing is going to happen even if you bitch about the person you don’t like or start complaining about government for lack of facilities given.
    Since nothing can be done you should accept the people and situation as they are and take rational action. You can plug your ear phone and then listen to the music, look around, talk with other people and enjoy the environment. At any cost just save your mind. Don’t let people and situation take your happiness from you. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Rap News 9 Global Economy

This is a rap news by the juice news team. This video shows the contradiction between the director of the Zeitgeist movement Peter joseph and Congressman Ron paul. Peter joseph advocates that resource based economy proposed by Jacque fresco is the only solution we have to make this world a better place where as ron paul disagrees and then states it as utopia. He advocates for more capitalism and free market economy.
So this video is a good watch and listen for people who are interested in the economy.

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Will teachers be replaced by machines in the future? What will be the consequences if this happens?

Rise of TechnologyScience has advanced to the great extent in this world. Students are increasing day by day because of population growth. More and more students are comfortable to learn using technology. I personally think that teachers will be replaced by technology in the near future.

First of all, computers are faster and they can take on more challenging tasks, such as interpreting camera footage. We now have technology that can watch video and begin to understand it. Voice processing is getting much better. It’s not 100%
accurate yet of course, but even humans sometimes have trouble understanding each other. It makes sense to me that as computers continue to get faster it will enable new applications we can’t do right now such as Artificial Intelligence. Even if we can’t do true machine based human level intelligence, the computers will be able to make decisions based on their inputs. The true goal of learning I think is to be able to take existing information and draw new conclusions from it. People talk about 21st century skills, but really this very old skill is all you need to succeed in our new knowledge based economy. Read the rest of this entry »

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