Parents are not always right

08 Jul

We are in this world because of our parents and we are well aware of the fact that we should respect them. They always think good of us regardless of our behavior and attitude towards them. They give us instructions and advice pretty often and we have a belief that they are always right. They want to see us succeed. But are they always right?

Well, Indoctrination should be the greatest problem when we talk about parenting. Indoctrination by our parents to believe their dogma should not be acceptable because this one thing has been the biggest problem in the world  which is causing violence, hatred and bigotry. Teaching a child to accept a set of beliefs uncritically is not good.  A child should be given a chance to think free and become a critical thinker but parents indoctrinate them. For example a child born on a muslim family grows up becoming a muslim and same goes to other children from other religions. They are never given a chance to doubt about religious beliefs or any other particular belief system about their parents. They were told that anything their parents teach them is correct. So they will never figure out mistakes in their parents belief system.  So a muslim child thinks that his religion is the only true religion in this world and others will go to hell but a child from another religion will have another set of beliefs which will bring conflict between them.
Parents should give their children the chance to access their experience and knowledge, but also realize that their children aren’t them, they aren’t going to live the same way, nor will they want to be told everything, kids need to learn for themselves, even if it may hurt them, physically or emotionally and that will make them free of indoctrination and they become free and critical thinker.

No parent can be right all of the time because they would have to be perfect and there is not one person in this world that can truly claim to be perfect. Parents make mistakes, can have bad judgement at time and don’t always understand how different the world is now from when they grew up but lets face it they also have that much more experience than we do. A lot of what we go through growing up they have been there done that so I do not think its right to completely disregard what they have to say, but that doesn’t mean that every time they will have the right answer. Either way I do believe because of there experience there opinion/advice should be respected.

The world isn’t a perfect place. Now whether they are right most of the time or not is a different story, but, the fact is that parents can be just as stubborn as kids.  When they think they are right, they really think that they are right. And so it boils down to this: the more knowledge we have access to, the more sure we are that we have knowledge that our don’t parents have, and the more we think it is our right to question our parents. So it gives the impression that extra knowledge can rival the experience of our parents.


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