How to increase Vocabulary

09 Jul

I’ve been on a mission to increase my vocabulary. To speak the truth there are numerous ways to increase your vocabulary and i haven’t yet researched any one of them. I am just on a mission to increase my vocabulary myself without the help of others. I came up with an idea(rough idea) for it. So I am writing on how can i achieve my goals of increasing vocabulary.

First of all, I will hunt for difficult words in books or anywhere i find and then write it down in a piece of paper. After that I write the meanings of the words. I am planning to write only 10 words per day. So I will have 10 words written in a piece of paper.

This is me writing new vocabulary words to paste it on my bed room wall


After i successfully write 10 words in a piece of paper. I paste it in the wall of my bedroom so that I can see and learn those words at free time. It not only helps us to remember but also makes it easy to read. When I wake up the first thing i will see is the list of 10 unknown words with their meanings. So i can easily learn the meaning of 10 new words in a day. At night before sleeping I make sure that I have learned the meanings of those 10 new words and  then remove it off the wall. After that I am pasting another piece of paper in the wall and repeat the process.
Instead of wasting your time you can consider increasing your vocabulary using this simple trick, which will not even take 5 minutes if you work on it. Your vocabulary will have increased without you knowing.

Pasting the Vocabulary list on my bedroom wall

So, This is what I have started doing. You can share your own way of increasing vocabulary in the comments section below. Your tips and tricks can help other people wanting to increase their vocabulary.
Thank you!

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